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I am originally from Bogota, Colombia but moved at an early age to Miami, Florida and have resided here ever since. From the age of 11, I realized my passion for cooking.

Driven by this insatiable thirst, at the age of 15 I landed my first job under chef and owner Harry Sasson -- one of the most distinguished chefs in South America (Latin America's 50 Best Restaurants - "theworlds50best"). I went on to finish high school, during which time I did several internships with renowned restaurateur Leo Katz (Most innovative gastronomic entrepreneur in Colombia “Splash Magazines”).

I graduated from the Chaplin School of Hospitality Management at Florida International University where I was exposed to top-notch hospitality courses. During school I also worked part time as a line cook in "Sea Grill" and "Swine Southern Table and Bar". It was during these formative years that I stumbled upon my calling. I quit my jobs at the restaurants, and dedicated myself to being a private chef.

Today, I am a full time private chef and I'm living my dream.